Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Club U.N. classiest joint in Itaewon

On the way home today I noticed that Club U.N. (a delightful "foreigners" club in Itaewon) had adorned their entrance with some colourful posters designed to attract the more discerning of Itaewon's drinkers:

Fucked-up Party in Club UN

It's good to know that whoever runs Club U.N. has customers' best interests at heart and is willing to offer reasonably priced cocktails as well as free drinks for the ladies.

A closer look at the cut-price beverages on offer:


A Tequila Cuevo is very reasonably priced at 2000 won, but even more intriguing are the "Adios M. F***er" and "Adios Biatch" concoctions at only 5000 won apiece.

A quick google search brings up a number of recipes for Adios M. F***er, but nothing for Adios Biatch. I feel like I'm somehow missing out.

If you interested in recreating the Club U.N. experience at home then try the following:
Adios M. F***er Recipe

3 Parts Vodka
1 Splash Grenadine
3 Parts Triple Sec
0.5 Part Grand Marnier
3 Parts 151 Proof Rum
Mixing Instruction
Mix everything in a tumbler with a bit of seltzer, then pour into shot glasses., May sound kinda hairy, but they are surprisingly easy to drink and can instantly get a party rolling!

Guaranteed to give you a wonderful experience. Try one today!

(Disclaimer: Paul Ajosshi in no way, shape or form recommends you even go near this behemoth of a cocktail. Do so at your own risk and if possible send me pictures...)

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