Saturday, October 3, 2009

Holiday Hummingbird Hawk-Moths

Hummingbird Moths

I have a confession to make. I may spend most of my time on this blog talking about food or film, but I have a third passion and that is taking pictures of animals and insects. Seoul isn't the easiest city to do it in, but at certain times of the year nature reveals itself.

Hummingbird Moths

Exactly one year ago I walked up the hill from Itaewon to the Hyatt hotel and crossed over the bridge into the gardens of Namsan. As I strolled along the path I saw the most incredible thing: what looked like hummingbirds suckling on flowers. Upon closer inspection these tricky little creatures turned out to be Hummingbird Hawk-moths (꼬리박각시 나방) and I found myself entranced by their fairy like flittering amongst the plants.

Hummingbird Moths

I retraced my steps today and I was delighted to find that they were back at their old haunt, as beautiful and strange as ever. If you're interested you can see the full set of photos over on flickr. They'll probably be around for a little while longer and then disappear till the next brood hatches. If you enjoy curious insects and happen to be in the area then they're well worth a look.

Hummingbird Moths


meimeijoyful said...

wow!!! the photos are so amazing!!! What camera do you use?

Paul Ajosshi said...

Glad you like the photos. I use a Canon 400D with a Tamron wide angle lens, I'm hoping to head back tomorrow with my Canon macro lens for some better shots.

Mipa said...

oh my goodness. Those are beautiful!! Great shots. I just might go and check them out myself~~ Thanks for the tip~!

Brian said...

I went back and checked to make sure I didn't rip off any of your photos when I did a hummingbird moth post. Looks like I didn't, but it also looks like those bugs love that type of flower. Your shots are excellent.