Monday, November 29, 2010

An Unmissable Movie

I can't help but be excited by Shim Hyung-rae's new film, "The Last Godfather". His last cinematic effort, D-War, was a joyously bad sci-fi epic and his comedy take on the mafia looks like it will be even more entertaining.

From the trailer it seems as if he's trying to add a Charlie Chaplin feel to his creation, but if the slapstick is that old and the jokes that unfunny then I'm not sure if even the presence of Harvey Keitel will be able to save the film.

A quick look on imdb tells me that two of the creators of Garfield The Movie, Cheaper By The Dozen (the Steve Martin remake), as well as Daddy Day Camp (starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and directed by Wonder Years star Fred Savage) have made revisions on the script, so we'll be in safe hands when it comes to laughs, won't we?

I really want to see "The Last Godfather" and I sincerely hope that it will turn out to be a fantastic knockabout comedy. However, the little I have seen, has not got my hopes up and I'm prepared for the worst...

At least with a Shim Hyung-rae film, you're guaranteed a good laugh one way or the other.

I'll just leave you with the film's storyline, as found on imdb: "A Mafia boss trains his mentally impaired son as his successor."

Thanks for all the good times Mr. Shim...

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Anonymous said...

As a Korean American, it has taken me 28 years to finally get over the embarrassment that was "They Call me Bruce?" starring Johnny Yune. Now, I have deal with "The Last Godfather"? Who keeps feeding idea into Shim's head that he should keep making movies? Ay yay yay.