Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daegu Delights

And now for your viewing pleasure a sample of last weekend's delights in Daegu:

Daegu Treats

First up 뼈다귀해장국, 6,000 won from 누리마울 감자탕.

Daegu Treats

돼지고기찌개, 5,000 won from 미락.

And finally...

Daegu Treats

Daegu Treats

Bulgogi and Udong, 4,000 won from 북성로 우동 불고기.


JIW said...

Having fun with potatoshop?

Paul Ajosshi said...

I'm too poor for Photoshop... Sniff... Sniff...

I've been using a couple of apps on my new iPhone to play around with photos. One is Hipstamatic and the other is instagram. I'll be back to more normal DSLR photos in March.

I've also been enjoying seeing your shots from your new camera. Look forward to when you come back to Korea and take pictures here.

JIW said...

THanks! Well let me say that you can always get the pirated version of Potatoshop...but if you fear the Man or would rather put the money where it should go...I understand.

Yes I look forward to my return.