Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spider Cat!

Feline supervillains beware, for you have surely met your match with the fearless fellow I saw near Ehwa Women's University today...

Spider Cat!

Stuck up a tree, Spider Cat decided to take things into his own paws and using his unique spider powers shimmied his way down.

Spider Cat!

Don't fall, Spider Cat! You can do it!

Spider Cat!

He's so fast, too fast for my puny iPhone camera.

Spider Cat!

His work done, Spider Cat turns away from the Paparazzi, his secret identity must not be revealed...


Kowiana said...

Somehow I think these photos should be in reverse order ;)

Kimchi said...

Thanks for the disclaimer. I've been so scared to check out this post just in case... such a relief! ;)

JIW said...

Posted in a post in...