Monday, October 17, 2011

Best K-pop Medley Ever

I popped into a dumpling restaurant for lunch yesterday and saw this playing on the tv. Quite possibly the best K-pop medley ever sung. I'm a sucker for relatively elderly choirs singing pop songs...

It's from a show called 남자의 자격 - 청춘 합창단 which features aging rocker 김태원 conducting an amateur choir. It's not quite Glee, but it has its moments. Still it's not a patch on the documentary Young@Heart. Their version of Coldplay's Fix You remains one of my favourite covers.


 Seek out Young@Heart if you can. One of the most beautiful documentaries you'll see.

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Roboseyo said...

Well, well spotted, Paul.

I'll be honest: I think the hardest thing about directing a choir like this (Korea's Glee Club) would probably be finding songs melodic enough to sound good with a choir. They're out there, but it takes a little digging sometimes.

Best part: the two dudes shouting "I'm GENIE FOR YOUR WISH!"