Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Party, Party, Party!

It's December and my end of year party schedule is in full swing...

Last night I headed down to a Wedding Hall in Yeoksam-dong to celebrate the ending of 2011 with a bunch of bloggers and the lovely folks at Nanoomi and TNM.


There was a great spread put on to feed the hungry netizens who attended, plus live music from Magic Donkey and a number of "interesting" interpretations of various songs by some of the bloggers present.

It was great fun to meet up with the various Nanoomi bloggers who attended, and it provided a wonderful opportunity to come together to produce our own animal themed Christmas poses.

TNM Party

I've chosen the "startled badger", Joe from ZenKimchi has settled for "worried mongoose", whereas Martina and Simon from Eat Your Kimchi have settled for "rabid hamster" and "confused giraffe". Thanks to the lovely Shanna from Hanguk Drama for the photo.

A great night spent with genuinely lovely people. Plus I won a strange looking plastic ball and an adobe mug and mousepad for being able to spell the word "reader". A good end to 2011!

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