Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday Afternoon In Itaewon

Saturday Afternoon In Itaewon

I'm back in Seoul after a glorious week of building cardboard box cities in the wilds of Busan and I'm pleased to see that Itaewon is putting on a show at the weekend. These B-boys prove they've got what it takes to entertain the jaded crowds that hang around on the street corners of my neighbourhood.


조안나 said...

wow, that is quite the shot.... Nice one..

SWK said...

What a great shot!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome photo! That's one thing that I like about Itaewon, there's always something unique. The Silk Road captures the uniqueness of Korea and its culture pretty well. Check it out.

Here's a good video on The Rock Tigers.

I hope you enjoy!