Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Copyright Infringement Tuesday

With the possible death of Batman on the horizon, I felt it was only fitting to pay tribute in a truly Korean way. For a few years now, as I've walked up to Shinsa station from Gangnam, I've passed this beautiful and quite possibly copyright infringing homage to the caped crusader.

Soju Batman

Paying tribute to the Batman of the nineties...

Soju Batman

소주 가라오케- Soju Karaoke, the caped crusader's favourite night out.

Soju Batman

And finally a classy little logo at the top of the stairs that probably lead to a wonderfully charming Karaoke bar filled with the hippest superheros in Seoul... Then again it could just be another sleazy excuse for alcohol, singing and other related activities.

I prefer to think positively and hope that they keep to Bruce Wayne's strict moral code. Pity they haven't updated their sign for the release of The Dark Knight, not everybody wants to be reminded of the Joel Schumacher Batman years.

If you wish to pay your respects, you can find it just past the Kyobo building crossroads in Gangnam next to the Pho Hoa restaurant.

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