Friday, December 5, 2008

I love the British postal service!

Picture the scene -

Early December. Bitter winds howling through the streets of Seoul. Tucked up in your cosy little apartment you eagerly await the arrival of a replacement debit card. My oh my! What wondrous gifts I'll be able to buy my family online. I'll hop on down to Amazon and purchase half the store for them once my new card arrives! Oh such innocence... Waiting and waiting for the card that never comes...

Guess what? The British bastions of the postal service, Royal Mail, have decided that despite a neatly typed address and extra payment for tracking that your card should not bother with little old South Korea, but in fact make an epic journey to the home of Nelson Mandela. That's right, my debit card is in South Africa.

Merry Christmas everyone, thanks to Royal Mail no one is getting presents this year!

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