Sunday, April 12, 2009

Birthday Ajosshi!

Well, I'm a year older and not much wiser, but fortunately my parents have flown over for the special occasion and have brought some amazing birthday treats for me. I love my Mummy and Daddy, for they know exactly how to spoil the birthday boy!

Birthday Treats

The latest Gordon Ramsey book, some organic fairtrade breakfast tea from Harrods, lots of Cadburys, a pack of paella seasoning from Spain and some egyptian dukkah (spicy nuts).  Then some even more exciting treats....

Birthday Treats

Two packs of 100% cacao chocolate and Willie's Chocolate Factory Cookbook. Venezuelan Black and Peruvian Black.... Interesting experiments lie ahead....

Birthday Treats

A cute little jar: Azafrando?

Birthday Treats


Birthday Treats

I've been searching for vanilla pods in Korea and never found them. Extract and essence no more, paste is the way to go.

Birthday Treats

A truckle of double gloucester and a truckle of cheddar.

Birthday Treats

And finally a bottle of seven year old Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. 

My wife also knows me far too well and got me this:

Birthday Treats

Fake poo, a wooden owl and handmade chocolates. A great way to celebrate my 31st birthday.

Plus as an extra birthday bonus is that the Korea Times quoted me in an article about Korean subtitled films this week. Published Ajosshi! 


Jen said...

Where did she get fake poo? I MUST HAVE ONE!!! (or every single one in the shop)

Oh, yeah, Happy Birthday. :-)

Paul Ajosshi said...

I've just asked my wife, she got it from the craft gift building in Namdaemun. I'll try and get more specific directions for those who are scatalogically inclined...