Monday, April 13, 2009

Dragon Ajosshi

Twelve Singing Animals

When I'm not blathering on about restaurants on here, I have a day job to go to. Last week we had our photo shoot for our new production of "Twelve Singing Animals", and we all got to dress up and look silly...

Twelve Singing Animals

김민정 as the crazy rabbit.

Twelve Singing Animals

Myself as the Dragon.

Twelve Singing Animals

Cherish R. Maningat, Amy Wollstein and Abe Mitchell as lots of different animals...

Twelve Singing Animals

If you're interested and have a spare moment, I'll be on the Steve Hatherly Show on TBS eFM this Tuesday at 3.00 pm, talking about Latt Children's Theatre and our new show. Should be an experience...

Twelve Singing Animals


Jason said...

Your pic is badass!

I did several Gilbert & Sullivan Operetta productions back in Canada and remember what a blast it is to get into full on costume and make-up.

Seeing your pic made me jealous--in a good way.


Paul Ajosshi said...

It's such fun to walk around looking ridiculous. We've just started doing costume runs in preparation for next week's opening and it's quite amazing the sense of power a top hat and wings can give you....