Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Korean Movies Subtitled in English 2009/12/10-2009/12/13

시크릿 (Secret) whispers its way round the Cinus theaters...

Secret is on at the Myeong-dong Cinus Theater:

Thursday (10th) - 1145 and 2410
Friday (11th) - 1105 and 2400

And at the Gangnam Cinus Theater:

Friday (11th) - 1050
Saturday (12th) - 1050, 1300 and 1510
Sunday (13th) - 1050, 1300 and 1510

I'll update weekend times as they appear. All listings are correct at time of posting, but may be found frolicking with reindeer...

UPDATE: Well Cinus seem to be playing silly buggers again. The subtitled listings have disappeared from naver for the moment. Hopefully they'll pop back up again sometimes soon.


crossmr said...

no evening shows? They're really trying hard to promote this. Is there somewhere we can complain about this program? It was the seoul government that pushed it wasn't it? or was it the national government?

Paul Ajosshi said...

Cinus certainly don't seem to be doing justice to this service. As far as I remember it was the Seoul government, but I'm unsure as to who to contact...