Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Korean Movies Subtitled in English 2010/04/29-2010/05/04

Exciting news for those who enjoy Korean movies: After a long hiatus we finally have another English subtitled movie on our screens thanks to the lovely folks at CGV! 구르믈 버서난 달처럼 (Blades of Blood) starts showing this week at CGV cinemas in Yongsan, Gangnam and Guro. From the trailer it looks to be a historical sword fighting epic starring 황청민 (Hwang Chung-min from last year's Sherlock Holmes homage, Private Eye) and 차승원 (Cha Seung-won from the thriller Secret). I've no idea if it's any good, but I'm just glad to see subtitles back on the big screen. Tell your friends, take a trip to the cinema and let's show the cinemas that English subtitled Korean films are a profitable enterprise for those companies that choose to indulge us...

Blades of Blood is on at CGV Yongsan:

Thursday (29th) - 1140, 1625, 1900 and 2345
Friday (30th) - 1140, 1405, 1900 and 2130
Saturday (1st) - 1140, 1625, 1900 and 2355
Sunday (2nd) - 1140, 1625, 1900 and 2345
Monday (3rd) - 1135, 1620, 1845 and 2335
Tuesday (4th) - 1140, 1625, 1850 and 2335

Also at CGV Gangnam:

Thursday (29th) - 1115, 1830 and 2330
Friday (30th) - 1135, 1825 and 2315
Saturday (1st) - 1015, 1730 and 2140
Sunday (2nd) - 1015, 1730 and 2140

And at CGV Guro:

Thursday (29th) - 2010
Friday (30th) - 2010
Saturday (1st) - 1955
Sunday (2nd) - 1955
Monday (3rd) - 2010

I'll update screening times if and when they appear. All listings are correct at time of posting, but may well be squashed flat by the heavy boots of Iron Man 2...

Please spread the word so that those interested get the chance to see English subtitled Korean films.

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