Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pork Cutlet Konglish...

Namsan Wang Donkass

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very proud to present the 남산 왕 돈까스 (Namsan King Pork Cutlet) restaurant and its very special contribution to the world of Konglish...

Namsan Wang Donkass

Marvel at the eloquence:

" The taste which is praised by the media
A naver to be forgotten taste, when you tried to eat!
The very famous original Namsan king pork cutlet
which people wants to eat repeatedly"

A masterpiece, dear readers, which should be given the respect it deserves. Let us all stand and applaud this magnificently enthusiastic attempt to share the king pork cutlet with the world. May the taste naver be forgotten!

(The more observant of my readers may also note that the multicoloured acrostic in the above photograph adequately describes the quality of food that may be found within.)

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Chris in South Korea said...

I've seen this before - thought I had taken a picture of it as well. Love it :)