Monday, April 6, 2009

Maori Dances and Kimchi Icecream...

New Zealand Unlimited

Last Saturday lunchtime I headed over to the COEX Grand Ballroom to visit the New Zealand Unlimited Festival in the hopes of snagging some free lamb. Unfortunately the queues were too long and I was informed by one of the staff, that even if I were to join the line, there would be no lamb left for me, unless I was willing to wait an extra hour or so. Forlorn and hungry I made my way to the stage area where I managed to catch Te Kapa Haka o Whangara Mai Tawhiti, a group of Maori dancers who treated us to a a fantastic performance of traditional dance and song.

New Zealand Unlimited

This Maori performing arts group (commonly referred to as "kapa haka") showed a number of traditional dances, as well as getting a few audience members up to participate. Their singing was sublime and their dancing superb, a real treat that more than made up for the lack of free lamb.

New Zealand Unlimited

Sadly, there was no stall for The Chosun Bimbo, but then again, he was probably too busy looking out for "Satellite Launches"...

Seoul Podcast's resident New Zealand blogger may have been absent, but I did spy a familiar face in the crowd....

New Zealand Unlimited

Seems like Kimchi Icecream was spending some time in Seoul and I have the pics to prove it. See his own photos of the Maori dancers over here.

New Zealand Unlimited

I'm glad I got a chance to go to the New Zealand Unlimited Festival, but it felt like the space was to small for the number of people attending and that there should have been much more lamb, freely available in every corner of the room.... Ah well, better luck next time.


Jason said...

Sorry for not leaving a comment sooner. Nice pic of me--thanks for not putting up a pic that shows the ugly-sexy kimchi-icecream side of my face . . . ha!

I'm gonna have to check and see if I have your blog on my blog roll . . . I don't think I do.

I like your blog. Thanks for checking out mine.

Chat ya later,

Paul Ajosshi said...

Glad you like the photo. It's the first time I've recognised a fellow blogger in public so I thought I should celebrate the occasion with some photographic stalking!