Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Italian Joy Sometimes Comes In The Smallest Of Places...

Cute Italian

I discovered a delightful tiny Italian restaurant yesterday on my way to the Arirang tv shoot. Hidden away in the backstreets of Bukchon Hanok village is 이태리 면 사무소 .

Cute Italian

This miniscule hole in the wall spaghetti house offers you a choice of the usual suspects when it comes to Italian food. I went for one of their summer specials: the "aglio e olio" for 7,500 won.

Cute Italian

I think the simplest pastas are often the hardest to perfect, but this small restaurant did not disappoint. The spaghetti was spot on, the garlic was perfectly cooked and with a little fresh parsley and a lot of olives it was a satisfying plate of pasta.

Cute Italian HDR

I wandered round the backstreets till I found this place, so I think google maps may be able to better show you how to get there...

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You can call them on 02 3676 0233, be prepared to wait a little while to get a table in this tiny, yet perfectly formed Italian joint.

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what I was looking for, thanks