Thursday, July 15, 2010

Surtitling Ajosshi...

Hello dear readers,

On the off chance that any of you might be in London for the next week and a half, I offer you the chance to see a unique piece of theatre from Korea...

'"Romeo and Juliet" performed by Mokwha Repertory Company at The Rose Theatre in Kingston on Thames starts tomorrow (Friday 16th July) and runs through till Sunday 25th July. Tickets are still available and surtitles are provided by Paul Ajosshi himself (I take full responsibility for all mistakes, mistranslations and bizarre errors).

For the even more adventurous of you, next Tuesday (20th July) there are two performances of Mokwha's Zombie Soldier Children's Musical "My Love DMZ", again with English surtitles (once again I take full responsibility for any errors, I'm a sucker for punishment).

I'll be around over this weekend supervising surtitle operations and would love to see any of you, your friends or family who may wish to watch one of the best adaptations of "Romeo and Juliet" around.

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