Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Expensive Addiction

Expensive Addiction

There are some things in the world I can't live without and for lasagna I'm willing to pay the price (5,000 won per pack at the Foreign Food Mart).


ZenKimchi said...

I'm sure they're not nearly good as Divella, but E-Mart and Home Plus each have their own versions of frozen lasagna for half that price. FYI. And even mediocre lasagna is better than no lasagna.

Paul Ajosshi said...

It's homemade lasagna or nothing for me. There's something very soothing about the whole process and there is nothing more rewarding than devouring a slice of your own baked pasta. Frozen lasagna may be a small comfort, but nothing beats the real thing. I may well give it a try though... Thanks for the tip.

missboulette said...

I totally agree with you ajosshi, only homemade lasagne is real lasagne...with homemade Sugo and Bechamel! Where is this Foreign Food Mart in Seoul?

Paul Ajosshi said...


The foreign food mart is easy to find. Just head to Itaewon walk down the main street past KB Star and Starbucks and turn right at the fire station. The foreign food mart is on the left hand side.