Thursday, August 12, 2010

Neighbourhood Development

Rubble HDR

Down near our apartment they're making way for a new road and are in the process of tearing down a number of buildings.

Rubble HDR

I thought the destruction made for some interesting shots.

Rubble HDR

Staircases starting in mid-air and leading to nowhere hold a certain tragic romance for me.

Rubble HDR

To see structures ripped bare, their guts on diplay seems almost pornographic in an architectural sort of a way.

Rubble HDR

The familiar becomes strange and the memory of what once was is somehow tainted.


Itaewon is changing rapidly and I worry that some of its crumbly rugged old charms will be lost.


Chris in South Korea said...

OK, so I have to know - what did you do to these photos? It looks like a lot of selective desaturation, increased contrast, etc...

Paul Ajosshi said...

It's HDR. Using photomatix to tamper with RAW files to get the desired effects.