Sunday, January 16, 2011

Memories of Old Cartoons

Our appearance on KBS last week triggered a conversation at our theatre about childhood tv favourites. We hopped onto youtube and took a trip down our Korean staff's memory lane.

So I'd like to bring you Latt Children's Theatre Top Five Korean Cartoons:

(Disclaimer - some top five Korean cartoons may in fact be Japanese in origin)

At number five, it's the ever popular 아기 공룡 둘리:

Dinosaurs and unicorns make for a perfect team...

At number four, it's the rather bizarre 모래요정 바람돌이:

This little sand fairy seems to spend his time making wishes come true and running in circles. Very cute, but he does have a slightly disturbing voice.

At number three, it's teenage tearaway 영심이...

After that catchy little opening number here's Youngshim and the girls grooving with a guitar on a train.

At number two it's 빨간머리 앤:

It's that old classic tale of red headed orphans, Anne of Green Gables.

And at number one it's 피구왕 통키:

Tongky the dodgeball king rules the roost at our theatre, possibly because he has the best hairstyle ever...

Special mention must go to one cartoon in particular, 이상한나라의 폴:

Not everyday that I get a cartoon named after me, describing my adventures in Korea.

Plus 달려라 하니 deserves a look, as it is quite possibly the most melancholic opening to any children's cartoon:

Hey kids, her mum's just died, but she is going to do a lot of running!

As for my childhood, I have to say that Dangermouse holds a special place in my heart:

Though when it comes to stop motion animation, my number one would have to be Bagpuss...

Any old Korean cartoons you think should have made it to the top five?


whoiam989 said...

Below are definitely Japanese:
모래요정 바람돌이:!_Samia_Don . It is based on a British novel /Five Children and It/: .
빨간머리 앤: . Also, there's a prequel of it: .
피구왕 통키: , .
이상한 나라의 폴: .

None of them were ever made into English-dubbed version.

Paul Ajosshi said...

Thanks for the info!