Friday, March 4, 2011

Busan - A Week In Food

Last month our team were down in Busan for almost a week for a few shows and two days of filming for our DVD. Here's a selection of tasty (and sometimes not so tasty) things that were consumed in the process...


Jambalaya from Vecchia & Nuovo in the basement of The Largest Department Store In The World.

Apple Rice Cake

Giant apple flavoured rice cake from the aforementioned store's food court.

Dak Galbi Set

Dak Galbi set from the food court, unfortunately very little chicken and far too many glass noodles.

Cheesy Donkass

Heart attack on a hot plate. Donkass with melted cheese... A brave friend of mine ordered it, once again from that food court.


Worryingly bright yellow macaroon. Reminiscent of lemon scented washing-up liquid.

Roast Chicken And Rice

Roast chicken and rice from the Macaroni Grill. More on this place to come.

Vietnamese BBQ

Vietnamese bbq at Saigon, the best South East Asian restaurant in Gwangalli.

Blackcurrant Conserve

The most exciting find of the week: blackcurrant conserve at Centum City Homeplus. Scandinavian blackcurrants... mmmmh.

Bread, Oil And Potato?

Anna Bini offers and interesting bread plate, with surprise sweet potato.

Steak and Gorgonzola Cream Spaghetti

Though their gorgonzola con filetto di manzo grigliata is to die for.

Saddest Lunchbox In The World

Food was provided for us during the DVD shoot. However, both cast and crew were rather shocked by our first meal. What I like to describe as "the saddest lunchbox in the world".

Dweji Guk Bap

Things started to look up when they ordered 돼지국밥 for dinner. This is one of my favourite Korean soups, stuffed with pork offcuts and blood sausage (plus plenty of fermented shrimp on the side for dipping action). If you happen to be visiting Gwangalli, then I'd advise a quick trip to this place if you're feeling peckish.

Black Bean Noodles

Our final meal of the DVD shoot was a rather boring black bean noodle dish. I love good 짜장면, but this bowl was rather uninspiring.

Fried Dumplings

Our final meal in Busan took us to possibly the best Chinese dumpling restaurant in Korea. I don't know whether the chef has changed or if they've been forced to buy cheaper ingredients, but the dumplings weren't quite as good as in 2010.

So there you have it, my culinary adventures in Busan. Deliciousness in Daejeon still to come.


Breda said...

As always your food pics make me drool! Except that lunch box. So sorry.

Paul Ajosshi said...

Thanks Breda, the lunch box was quite a shock. Worst thing was that it cost as much as the delicious 돼지국밥!

Sonja said...

Hi~ I stumbled upon your post about 돼지국밥 while searching for a good restaurant and I'm curious; do you remember the name of the place, or where in Gwangalli it is? It looks like a great bowl of one of my favorite soups!

Paul Ajosshi said...

Hi Sonja,

We ordered take out so I don't know exactly where it came from, but this place ( in Gwangalli serves a great 돼지국밥. You'll find name, phone number and directions on that page.

Sonja said...

Great thanks for your quick reply!^^