Friday, April 15, 2011

First Bunny Of Spring

Namsan Bunny HDR

Some things make me ridiculously happy. Seeing wild rabbits on Namsan is one of those things...

Namsan Bunny HDR

Look at the wickle bunny!

Namsan Bunny HDR

Namsan Bunny HDR

He is hiding because he is delicious and he knows I am hungry...


조안나 said...

wow, a rabbit on namsan... that's wild. I saw one once on Inwangsan, but that seems more plausible than Namsan... I wonder how it got there... did it hop through Namdaemun?

Paul Ajosshi said...

Namsan has many rabbits, pheasants and other creatures. It's a nature reserve and I'm guessing the rabbit comes from a local warren.