Saturday, May 7, 2011

JIFF 2011 Part Five - Departure, Words Of Praise And Warning

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JIFF 2011
Services on offer.

After far less snoring time than I would have appreciated I scoffed down some instant ramyon, stumbled into a taxi and collapsed onto a 무궁화 (Mugunghwa) train. The Mugunghwa service is cheaper (17,000 won), slower (three hours and fifty minutes), has smaller seats, less legroom and a rather louder, drunker class of passenger, but the train cafe is always open and the hazelnut coffee is just as bad. I think I’d take the Saemaeul over the Mugunghwa every time if I had the choice, it’s worth the extra 7,500 won.

I arrived back in Seoul disheveled, downtrodden and dirtier than we I left, but I was happy to have had my whirlwind affair with the Jeonju International Film Festival. I’ll be back again, that’s for sure, but I’ll try and find some different accommodation...

JIFF 2011
Helpful volunteers willing to pose for the camera.

The Jeonju International Festival was filled with incredibly helpful volunteers, the English subtitles were excellent for the most part and the choice of films on offer was fantastic. I’d also like to commend the brave interpreters who were ready and willing to do live interpretation for me. For the Q&As for Anyang, Paradise City and The True Taste Show I had an interpreter all to myself. It feels special to have a man sitting next to you whispering English translations in your ear... For Nowhere to Hide, I had to share with others, but I think it’s incredible that Jeonju is able to offer that sort of service to their visitors. The ability to understand and participate in the Q&As greatly enhanced my festival experience and allowed me to enjoy the films on a different level.

Next year, take a little time out of your schedule and head to Jeonju, you won’t regret it. Go for the festival, go for the bibimbap, go for the chance to annoy up and coming directors with comments about their English subtitles, just make sure you stay away from the 백제의 성 motel.

JIFF 2011
Enter at own risk...

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