Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things To Do On A Wednesday Night

Roboseyo has already posted about the rather interesting party going on tomorrow night, but I thought I'd throw my two pennies worth in and let you know about it. Project Obangsaek is a documentary and website set up by documentary maker Benson Lee and it already has a fair few bits and pieces of interest on the web. Aurelien Laine (French film producer) has some interesting things to say on the South Korean film market and Hae Hee Joung writes about the Korean graffiti scene.

But back to tomorrow night's party. I've heard rumour that some stars of the K-blogosphere will be in attendance at Project Obangsaek's launch party to talk about Nanoomi at 7.30 and it'll be a good chance to get your funk on when the Seoul Train Party gets on the rails at 9.00.

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Hanna said...

I did run into an interesting graffiti scene yesterday in Shinchon ( the underbridge leading to Ewha Women's university).
It's been 10 years since I have last been to Shinchon and was shocked that graffiti art was drawn. Thought it was interesting.