Monday, March 9, 2009

Sparkling Ajosshi and the ESL Daily Korea Movie Listings

Well the fates have been kind to me and I have wound up with a new column on The Hub of Sparkle (Thanks guys!). I'll be trying to bring you complete weekly listings for all Korean films with English subtitles being shown around the peninsula. If you have any hot tips on screenings I may have missed then please contact me here or on The Hub of Sparkle and I'll get them out to the world.

After my first column this week I got a great link from Jim who runs the ESL Daily Korea Movie Times and Listings site. You can use their program to search for cinemas by region and it will come up with daily listings for the cinemas around that area. Clicking on the cinema will then take you through to a very handy map showing the location of the venue.

It's not quite perfect yet, but hopefully over the next two months Jim will be bringing us the first and as far as I know only english language cinema listing search engine for Korea!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting to ESL Daily's movie listing. I hope that the word spreads and everybody enjoys the site. For those that attempt to use the site, but find that it does not show the movies, try back again after an hour or two. I find it works 90% of the time for MOST computers, but if you are set not to accept cookies it will not show. However, after a month (two at max) it should be up for everybody 100% of the time. Good luck!!

ESL Daily Movies said...

Just to inform movie goers, ESL Daily's movie listing has been upgraded and fully operational. We also have a new link that helps speed along those who like short URLs

Enjoy... just in time for the new terminator.