Monday, March 29, 2010

Home Made Spring Rolls and Some Noodle Goodness

Wandering round Itaewon last week, I was on my way towards Haebangcheon and feeling hungry. A little place called Le Saigon caught my eye and I snuck in for a quick bite to eat.

Le Saigon

This tiny restaurant has a very simple menu serving the usual dishes you would expect from a Vietnamese place plus an interesting baguette sandwich option. I wasn't feeling too adventurous so I opted for the Fried Spring Rolls at 3,000 won and the Vermicelli With Charbroiled Pork for 7,000 won.

Le Saigon

The spring rolls were a real surprise, handmade large parcels of shrimpy noodley goodness. They were fresh, tasty and more than worth the small price.

Le Saigon

The vermicelli came next; fresh vegetables, well cooked pork and a tangy sauce made for a perfect combination. Again, the portion was very generous for the price and it felt like a lot of love and care had gone into the dish. Simple yet delicious grub and far better than any of the chain Pho restaurants dotted around Seoul.

Le Saigon

If you fancy some reasonably priced Vietnamese food then head on down to Noksapyeong station and make your way towards Namsan tunnel number three. Le Saigon is on the right hand side past Italonia, the second hand book shop and Mi Madre. If you reach Buddha's Belly then you've gone a few metres too far. You can call them on 02 790 0336.


kissmykimchi said...

I had no idea this was even there. Nice find. I'll be dropping by soon!

Anonymous said...

interesting baguette sandwich option
great! another place that does banh mi. will have to check it out.

stinacy said...

Does this place still exist? And if I call will they be able to understand English?

Paul Ajosshi said...

Yes they are still around and now have a second branch near Itaewon station. They can speak some English.