Friday, March 19, 2010

Ravishing Risotto

Porcini and Prawn Risotto

Passion 5 may be popular for incredible croissants, crispy baguettes and marvelous meat pies, but if you head upstairs you can sample a few more tasty treats. The Porcini Mushroom and Prawn Risotto is a little pricey at 17,000 won, but you are rewarded with a heaped pile of creamy deliciousness. The extra bonus of raw ham on top is worth shelling out the cash for...

Passion 5 is a very short walk from exit 3 of Hangangjin station, just head back towards Itaewon and look for the big black building with a bizarre selection of lips and flowers on it's side. You can call them on 02 2071 9505.

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