Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Copyright Infringement Tuesday (Bonus Scarecrow Edition)

I couldn't help it, this blatant disregard for the dvd consumer had to be blogged.....


Watching this terrifically bad horror film this morning, I wondered why the scarecrows in "Scarecrows" didn't look like the one on the cover. I'd been expecting nubile teenagers running in terror from scythe wielding monsters and if the back cover was anything to go by a nice helping of Tony Todd (Star of Candyman and other horror classics).


As I watched this 1988 classic film unfolded I noticed that the scarecrows didn't look quite the same and that Tony Todd had either changed his skin colour and grown a beard or just wasn't in the film at all..... Perplexed I headed over to imdb to check things out. The film I had just watched was indeed "Scarecrows", but Tony Todd was not listed as appearing in it. However he did star in a film called "Scarecrow Slayer" in 2003. Flicking through the pictures I noticed that the cover art looked strangely familiar - in fact pretty much the same as the dvd I had in my sweaty little palms. The scarecrow from "Scarecrow Slayer" is the chap I expected to pop up on my tv.....


Thanks Korean dvd manufacturer for completely misrepresenting your product. I'm glad that my 2,500 won was spent on such artful deception. You are my hero and I will love you forever.

Here's the trailer for Scarecrow Slayer:

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