Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Copyright Infringement Tuesday (Undead Edition)

I popped down to Yongsan today in the hopes of finding some interesting new additions to my film collection. I browsed around Yeinsa and was not disappointed. Taking them up on their 4 dvds for 9,900 won offer, I managed to pick up a couple of Korean films (잎 and 플라스틱 트리), a substandard animation (Happily N'Ever After starring the late, great George Carlin) and this little beauty:

Zombie Wars

Zombie Wars!!!!!!! What could possibly be better than this? A war... with zombies! An inspiring combination. I knew that I had to have this film and when I took a closer look at the cast list I was certain it would be incredible:

Zombie Wars

Randy Quaid, Gina Gershon, Shannon Doherty, James Brolin, Robert Wagner, Swoozie Kurtz and Tom Skerrit? With zombies? This is too good to be true! Looking closer at the spelling of "Swoozin Kurtz" I started to realise that may be all is not as it should be.

Back home and after a quick search on imdb, I find that none of the above stars have gone anywhere near Zombie Wars and the director is not even Dick Lowry, it is in fact David A. Prior (Director of such classics as Raw Justice, Raw Nerve, Future Force and Aerobi-cide). The star-studded cast and crew list has actually been lifted from a 2005 tv movie called Category 7: The End of the World. Damn you Korean dvd manufacturer, you have shattered my zombie filled dreams...

Fortunately I also picked up the blu-ray edition of Hellboy: The Golden Army, so my crushing disappointment did not last too long.


UPDATE: Just watched Zombie Wars and the dvd manufacturers have outdone themselves. Not a single image from the dvd cover seems to come from the film. No Roman soldier zombies in sight. A severe disappointment.

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