Monday, February 16, 2009

Sandman in Korean!


Wonderful news for Korean speaking fans of Neil Gaiman - The first two volumes of The Sandman graphic novels have been published in hangul.

Preludes and Nocturnes is titled 서곡과 야상곡 and The Doll's House is 인형의 집. Each volume is priced at 14,000 won and are published by 시공사 (Sigong). The back of each book lists "The complete Sandman library", so hopefully we'll be getting the the other nine volumes over the coming months/years....

For those curious, the titles are as follows:

1. Preludes and Nocturnes 서곡과 야상곡
2. The Doll's House 인형의 집
3. Dream Country 꿈의 땅
4. Season of Mists 안개의 계절
5. A Game of You 당신의 게임
6. Fables & Reflections 우화들
7. Brief Lives 짧은 생애
8. Worlds' End 세상의 끝
9. The Kindly Ones 친절한 그들
10. The Wake 장례 전야
11. The Endless Nights 영원의 밤

It's good to see that Sigong have taken the lead in translating some of the best graphic novels into Korean with Watchmen, Justice, Kingdom Come, Ronin and V for Vendetta already published, here's hoping they get round to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Transmetropolitan, Preacher and Fables.


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