Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Copyright Infringement Tuesday (Gwyneth Paltrow Edition)


Today brings a star studded copyright infringement of sorts, with Bruce Paltrow's "Duets". Starring his daughter Gwyneth Paltrow, Huey Lewis, Scott Speedman, Maria Bello, Andre Braugher, Maya Rudolph, Angie Dickinson and Paul Giamatti, this movie is dedicated to those who choose to spend their free time singing in karaoke bars. It's a passable film and worth watching if only for Paul Giamatti and Andre Braugher's duet of "Try a Little Tenderness":

Aside from the revelation that Gwyneth Paltrow sings well and Huey Lewis isn't a half bad actor, there are more interesting things to be found on the dvd box than in the film. Let's take a closer look:


First off that lovely young lady standing on the bar and waving her hands in the air is none other than Piper Perabo. Dear sweet Piper doesn't appear in "Duets", but she did star in "Coyote Ugly" (made the same year) alongside Maria Bello whose screaming face can be seen in the bottom left hand corner. 

Look at Gwyneth getting kissy kissy bottom right and the sharper observers of this page might note that she is about to snog Ethan Hawke. Ethan Hawke? But he's not even in "Duets"! He did appear with Gwyneth in "Great Expectations" though. 

Let's turn to the back cover and see what treats await us there:


Gwyneth up top, judging by her hairstyle, seems to come from the David Fincher classic "Se7en" and Gwyneth down below has been untimely ripped from the movie "Hush". The first two pictures in the centre row are 100% bonafide stills from the film, but what's the third one? Let's zoom in: 


Is that David Schwimmer I spy? Despite looking debonair, he didn't star in "Duets", but did do a cheeky little comedy with Gwyneth called "The Pallbearer".

Congratulations DVD makers for featuring a bonus five films in addition to your main feature. A wonderful way to celebrate the many faces of Gwyneth Paltrow. So to celebrate here's the girl herself singing "Bette Davis Eyes":

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