Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hong Seok-chon's Quest To Conquer Itaewon

My Chelsea HDR

홍석천 (Hong Seok-chon) continues his quest to take over the whole of Itaewon with yet another restaurant. My Chelsea is located next to Gecko's Garden on the road behind the Hamilton Hotel. From a quick peek at the menu outside, it's doing the usual steaks and pastas, plus the bastard son of breakfast and lunch - brunch. Not sure why we need another brunch venue in Itaewon, but hopefully Hong's new addition to his empire will give us a better standard of eggs, waffles and pancakes...

The erstwhile entertainer now owns five bars/restaurants in the Itaewon area, all within a five minute walk of each other: Our Place, My Thai, My China, My Song and My Chelsea. I've eaten in My Thai and My China and have been pleased with the meals I've had. As for My Song, I think it's a karaoke wine bar venue sort of place, located above My Thai. Long live Emperor Hong, may he continue to feed us all!

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