Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back Where He Belongs?

Sun Bear
Seoul Zoo Malayan Sun Bear, January 2008

If you've been following the news over the past nine days then you'll know about Ggoma the Malayan Sun Bear who broke out of Seoul Zoo and headed for the mountains.

However, "honey, wine and sardines" were his downfall and he was captured yesterday.

I've been to Seoul Zoo a fair few times and while many of the bears have wide enclosures to play in, the Malayan Sun Bear cage has always disturbed me. It's dark, small and far too easy for drunk ajosshis and annoying kids to tease the bears.

It's great that Ggoma is safe and sound, but I wish he and his older bear friend were treated a little better.

1 comment:

David said...


"Ggoma is back home, whether he likes it or not."

"And these, according to officials, are the bear facts."

"...exited the cage, stage left or right - no one knows for certain."

It sounds like the writer was having a bit more fun than he/she is supposed to. It also looks like the higher-up editors aren't vetting the articles as much as they ought to be.