Monday, December 20, 2010

헐~ Blue Poopy Horse Doodle

As a special Christmas week treat I'd like to show you a beautiful piece of art that our resident costume designer created this weekend.

My unofficial title is "Blue Poopy Horse Doodle", but feel free to contribute your own appropriate moniker...

Blue Poopy Horse Doodle

It's a mixed media piece using mainly white board, marker pens, a modeling balloon and a piece of sellotape.

Blue Poopy Horse Doodle

The clown in the top left is desperately searching for her sausage (which happens to be in her mouth), whilst the musician (a rather accurate representation of myself) lies wormlike on the floor offering himself up as a sausage substitute. However, it is over on the right hand side of the plastic canvas that the real focus should be placed.

Blue Poopy Horse Doodle

This delightful blue horse has had rather too much powerade and so has pooped out a swirly, curly, whirly little turd that rests below the picture. The horse, shocked, surprised, frustrated or perhaps simply overwhelmed by all this excitement cries out "헐~".

In case you're not down with the kids, 헐 is the hottest word around town (or so I tell myself). This video (which I first saw thanks to The Seoul Patch) perhaps explains it best. A day in the life of a high school student:

This lovely little blog defines 헐 as:
OMG but only for bad things (eg. You find out you have to do pages 1-100 for homework – that’s a 헐 moment)

Why not impress your Korean friends and colleagues with an exciting new word this week...

헐~ I left my wallet in the room salon.

헐~ Lotte Mart fried chicken is no longer 5,000 won.

헐~ G-dragon has released another crappy song/commercial.

헐~ That rash really shouldn't be there.

헐~ The Yeonpyeong live fire drill is still going ahead.

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