Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hidden Lands

Tomorrow, for one night only, there's something special going on at the Seoul Art Space Mullae. I'll let Jeremy Neideck explain it in his own words:

Hidden Land
A new work of physical theatre

Director: Jeremy Neideck
Designer: Justin Shoulder
Performers: Tak Hoyong, Jung Minji, Jo Seongeun, Justin Shoulder, Jeremy Neideck

Produced as a partnership between Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture and REM Theatre. Supported by JUMP, The National Mentoring Program for Young and Emerging Artists (Australia)

What happen when nature shrugs off its skin of steel and concrete?
In the crumbling corners of a vast, concrete city; ancient spirits struggle to survive among the humans who have forgotten they were ever there.

In this work-in-progress showing, Australian and Korean artists collaborate to combine live physical theatre with experimental costume design and video art to explore a hidden land full of strange and beautiful creatures.

They've been working furiously over the past days to create something which will hopefully be both extraordinary and beautiful.

The designer, Justin Shoulder, has produced some fascinating work in the past:

V from Jaan Ranniko on Vimeo.

The Bumblebeez "Misfit" from The Glue Society on Vimeo.

Not everybody's cup of tea, but worth a glance if you're interested in the avant garde...

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