Friday, December 17, 2010

Even More Exciting Deli News

In my previous post about Itaewon's new "High Street Market" I was a little skeptical. After ten years in Korea I'm fed up with being charged extortionate amounts of money for small comforts or tasty treats, so I tend to be a little wary when shiny new places open up.

However, this afternoon's visit to High Street Market has proved to be a joyous one. Yes, there may be some pricey items on the shelves, but their English mature cheddar is about the same price as Emart, their wines start at 15,000 won and you can get a slice of traditional Stollen for 2,000 won. They don't have the biggest selection on offer, but they do have some choice items that you won't find anywhere else.

They have a fantastic baker making chili baguettes, rye bread and other baked treats. They have beautiful, but very pricy sweets in fancy jars and they have ridiculously expensive best quality French butter.

Forget about all of that, because the one reason you have to go to High Street Market is their meat counter. One of the owners is a meat importer and has his own factory, they can order in what you want from Korea or from around the world and the selection I saw today was great. Prices are competitive and I have a feeling I may be buying a fair amount of my meat from them. Legs of lamb, turkey mince, rib eye steaks... I drool just thinking about it.

Best of all, with no fuss or bother I was able to order pork chops on the bone with the skin on. Forgive me if I'm being naive, but I've never seen a skin on, bone in pork chop in all of my ten years in Korea, but they're able to get them to me next thursday.... At a reasonable price: a couple of chops will set me back about 5 or 6,000 won (about 500 grams worth).

It's early days and I don't want to jinx them, but if High Street Market play their cards right they could become the must visit shop in this part of town. I know that I'll be getting my cheese and my pork chops there from now on...

Give them a try, so far High Street Market is living up to its name and I hope they succeed.


Michele said...

Where is it, exactly. Thanks!

Paul Ajosshi said...

It's located next door to the Imperial Palace Boutique Hotel (head out of Itaewon station past the defunct Hard Rock Cafe, La Tavola, Helios, Macaroni Market and Spazio Luce, it'll be on your left opposite the Cheil building).

Beekergene said...

I was wondering if this place has met or even exceeded your expectations since your first review. From the directions, is it above the 81 Banya ramen place? Does it even exist anymore?

I've been researching places to get a hunk of parmesan-reggiano cheese for a pasta dish and your site is one of the results that came up. Do you know of any places that might carry it?

Nice site, by the way.

Paul Ajosshi said...

Thanks beekergene. It's still there above the ramen place and you can still get a pretty decent hunk of parmesan there (though costco may well be cheaper if you're a member and you have one close to hand).

I still go there for cheese, damaged wine, cider, ginger nut biscuits and weetbix. Some products are overpriced, whilst others are a bargain.