Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Magpie Hunter in Itaewon

On my way home this afternoon, trotting through the back streets of Itaewon I was rather surprised to see a man with a rifle. 

Magpie Hunter HDR

Nobody was screaming or cowering in fear, so I decided not to run, but to ask him what he was doing. Turns out he's a magpie hunter. The dastardly magpies of Itaewon are nesting in the pylons and so must be shot.

Magpie Hunter HDR

The writing on his jacket is 유해 야생 동물 (까치) 기동 포획 반 (Which I think means "harmful wild animal (magpie) rapid capture group").

I saw him take one down, but when I ventured outside later on there were still plenty of magpies and no sign of the hunter. I wonder if I'll see him and his rifle in these parts again.

Magpie Hunter HDR

(HDR photos processed with photomatix)


Mark Eaton said...

That first photograph is wonderful. The gent looks perfectly comfortable, doesn't he?!

Kelsey said...

It's so weird to see a rifle in Korea!

Paul Ajosshi said...

He certainly seemed to be enjoying himself.

It was only a gas- powered rifle, but nobody in the area seemed bothered by it, curious bystanders.

Anonymous said...

You know they serve magpie as "chicken" in chicken cheese ramyon?

Anonymous said...

what a slum. That place looks 4th world.